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I think there are few things that are more rewarding for me than being able to have totally different students in class and see that everyone, without exception, can practice yoga, enjoying and learning without it becoming a battle against your body. 


I think we have distorted what it means to practice yoga, the physical demand to which we have become accustomed through social media, absolute flexibility, asanas that are impossible for 90% of the population and intense practices where physical exercise is sometimes the priority, not the connection with oneself. In my opinion, if you have the appropriate level and your anatomy allows it, this type of practice is wonderful and there is a spectacular energy movement that has amazing repercussions on ourselves. I practice every week intensely, and demand a lot of myself, but we cannot make the exception the rule; it just isn't fair. 


Yoga is accessible to absolutely everyone, I have taught restorative yoga classes to women over 75 years old and what they did was not anything less than true yoga, because when you connect with your breath through movement (be it simple or complicated) and you start to find yourself and discover everything that is in you, you are practicing yoga. 


I believe that there must be conscious physical work and that progress and improvement in practice are important and necessary, but always while respecting our body anatomically and taking care that there is mental demand without losing the enjoyment and magic that yoga offers us. In addition to improving our posture, we sleep better, and enjoy more awareness and sense of calm if we practice consistently. If not, the effects can even be counterproductive. 


That is why I tailor my classes to the students, I always offer alternatives and I am a faithful defender of the use of props to improve and deepen the practice. It is demanding, requiring effort and focus, but it is essential that all students feel that they are doing yoga, not another activity.


So of course, you don't have to be flexible to do yoga, you don't have to be strong, or athletic, you just have to have the desire to discover yourself, the desire to learn that through breathing and movement, your body, your mind and your being can be transformed into something truly wonderful.


Do not hesitate to contact me, without obligation, if you have any questions or need more information - I am here to help!



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