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The body knows the way back.

It is not only the body that needs to gradually return to its being, it is all our systems that have to reposition themselves, just as we all need a long time to emotionally feel like ourselves again and feel motherhood as something beautiful, vibrant and powerful, not as something a negative criticism toward our own body. 


Each woman is different and her pregnancy, delivery and postpartum are different, but when we share with other women how we feel and everything we are experiencing, we find that we are not alone - that there are others that experience moments of doubt 5 o'clock in the morning when you are breastfeeding, that the fears are similar and that no one is born knowing how to breastfeed, raise a child or be a good mother.


Postnatal yoga classes are designed to make you feel comfortable sharing, solving the millions of questions that flood your head, feel supported, respected and - above all - understood in everything you are experiencing. For me, these moments of support and listening to each other are essential in all my classes. 


After 9 months of pregnancy, abdominal recovery has to be done from within and conscientiously, demanding something from our body while giving it the respect it deserves. Without losing this premise, in postnatal classes we perform physical activity to strengthen the abdominal wall, closing the rectus abdominis again, restoring flexibility to the pelvis and allowing the spine to regain its natural curves. There is movement, lubrication of the joints and listening - a lot of listening - to the body and the sensations.


All periods of change offer us a unique opportunity to connect with ourselves and understand each other better. Postpartum is even more intense than pregnancy itself, it actually lasts 3 years and can be an exceptional life experience to discover how wonderful our body is and the inner wisdom that allows us to return to ourselves after giving life.


Do not hesitate to contact me, without obligation, if you have any questions or need more information - I am here to help!




Om Ma Pahimam -  Om Ma Rakshamam  

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