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Por qué practicar Yoga en el embarazo

Before knowing what I now know about pregnancy, I would tell you that yoga should be practiced at all times of your life, because it is a journey that you take through yourself and that allows you to get to know yourself at a surprising level. But I have to admit that during pregnancy you are much more receptive to the sensations and the changes that are taking place. Intuition is heightened and this allows you as a future mother to listen more closely to all those physical, anatomical and emotional changes, helping to create an extraordinary bond with your baby. 


Physically, the practice of yoga helps you adapt your body to all the changes that are taking place, allowing you to relax and release tensions in muscles and joints that are working more and strengthening other parts to achieve balance and make pregnancy a stage where you feel good. The trimester you are in is taken into account and the asanas (postures) will be adapted to each phase. 


Breathing is vitally important, as it is throughout our lives, but during pregnancy the loss of space ends up producing a reduction in lung capacity. Through yoga the recovery of intercostal spaces is consciously worked so that the diaphragm can keep working and as a future mom you are much less fatigued and you feel lighter. 


Intentionally mobilizing and lubricating the spine, restoring the position of the pelvis or learning to perceive the pelvic floor are some of the essential keys in all the classes I teach, so that from this knowledge you can connect little by little with all the parts of your body that are being transformed and experience it with love and gratitude for all that your body is able to do. 


Far beyond the physical benefits of practicing yoga during pregnancy (which are innumerable) I offer in my classes a moment of listening, understanding and connection with the baby you are carrying. A space where you can share your doubts and feelings with other women who, like you, are going through this unique moment in life. 


Do not hesitate to contact me, without obligation, if you have any questions or need more information - I am here to help!




Om Ma Pahimam -  Om Ma Rakshamam  

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